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Airbrush Tanning

Our Tanning Solutions Are:






Our Mission

Our focus is on creating a safe and comfortable alternative to traditional tanning, boosting your glow without the unwanted sun damage. We want all of our clients to have a completely relaxed tanning experience. We will provide you with a completely customized tan that will have you glowing for days to come. We will go over your color goals and tailor a solution perfect for your skin type. 


We promise you will leave here with a moisturized and healthy bronzed glow. Get a rich, deep, even tan without compromising your health.


We are here to answer your questions and give you a flawless glow.


The Process







Before your tan we will have a consultation to go over desired results and color choices. I will provide hair nets and disposable under garments for your comfort. We will apply barrier cream to hands and feet. 

The tan will consist of three steps, first we will apply the pre treatment to prep the skin. We will then apply the tanning solution. Finally we will do one coat of the post treatment to lock in the color. 

After the tan I will heat dry you to get rid of any unwanted stickiness. You will get dressed in loose fitting clothing and we will go over your after care instructions. 

Studio Pricing

Single Session

  • The Custom.....................................$50

    • ​Includes: Consultation, Standard Solution, Pre and Post Treatment, Complimentary Disposables, Barrier Cream.

  • The Rapid..........................................$55

    • Includes: The Custom tan plus a 2 or 4 hour rapid solution. ​

  • The Deluxe.......................................$60

    • Includes: The Rapid tan plus your choice of three fragrance additives to make you feel like you've just walked off the beach.

Tanning Packages:

Packages include The Custom tan, service upgrades are available. 

  • 3 Full Body Tans..........................$135  ($45/tan)

  • 5 Full Body Tans......................... $215  ($43/tan)

  • 10 Full Body Tans...................... $400  ($40/tan)

Packages expire one year from purchase


Party Packages

Look no further for an excuse to get the girls together! Girls trip, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Party, Birthday Party you name it. Bring the party here to get ready for your next event. 


  • Groups of 2-5......................$45

  • Groups of +6.........................$40


  • Studio Rental for 1 hour

  • Bring your own bubbly 

  • 10% discount on all retail products

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What Sets Us Apart

Fully Customizable Color Pallet

We are able to match any and every skin tone you desire. We offer 3 levels of base solution, 4 different bronzing additives to achieve desired color, 2 rapid tan solutions and 3 fragrance additives to add an aromatic experience to the spray tanning session and to help to diminish the smell of DHA.

Other Benefits

  • Natural skin conditioning botanical blend that includes: tea tree oil, grape seed oil, aloe vera, & green tea

  • Low alcohol content

  • Superior moisturization which allows you to enjoy your Evolv. tan for up to 10 days

  • Longer lasting tan with an even, natural fade- off

  • Dramatically diminishes DHA odor

  • Won’t clog pores1

Evolv Heated Tanning System

Pre Treat and Post Treat Included

We use the Evolv tanning system which is the only patented heated spray gun for a goosebump free application every time. We utilize heat in three very important ways: 

  1. First, the heat is gently blown across the skin, making it supple and receptive for maximum absorption. 

  2. Second, the heat is actually infused into the spray, making it literally melt into your skin. 

  3. Third, it’s used to keep you warm and dry throughout the entire application process, which allows you to get dressed directly after the session.

We include a Pre and Post treatment with every tan ensuring maximum lifespan of the tan.


Color Balancer is a pre-conditioning, pH balancing treatment that goes on whisper light. This pre-tan treatment preps the skin allowing for a flawless and superior tanning experience.

Ensure longer lasting and more radiant results with Color-Lock Moisturizer. A post conditioning and DHA enriched treatment that helps lock in the color of the tan and leaves the skin with a beaming and moisturized radiance.




Exfoliate your body 24 hours prior to your visit. Use either a exfoliating body polish, scrub, or loofa. Make sure to focus on areas with rough skin such as knees, elbows, ankles, and top of your feet. Proper exfoliation will make your spray tan last longer and promote even coverage. Do not shower less than 4 hours before your spray tan session. 


Using your preferred method, remove any unwanted hair on your body, such as on your legs or arms, 24 hours before your appointment. Manicure and pedicure services must be done 24 hours before your airbrush tan appointment.




Skin Care

Do not wear any makeup, perfumes, lotions, or deodorants before your appointment. These products can cause your tan to come out uneven or underdeveloped. 



You should wear loose and darker clothing for your appointment as the tanning solution may rub off the following hours after your appointment. 



Your tan will take about 6-8 hours to fully develop. During this time, do not bathe, avoid contact with liquids, and refrain from sweating/exercising

Develop Time

You will notice brown-tinted water going down your drain - this is perfectly normal! This is the surface bronzer washing off, but your tan is still underneath and on your skin. Pat dry with a towel when finished and avoid exfoliating or excessive rubbing.





Your spray tan fades as your skin sheds. To slow this process down, apply a sunless-tan-compatible moisturizer twice a day. Moisturized skin is key for an even, long lasting tan!


No Exfoliating

We also recommend that you avoid exfoliating until the day before your next session.

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How Does Airbrush Tanning Work?

DHA  &  Erythrulose

DHA causes a nontoxic skin reaction that produces a temporary browning effect. DHA is not a stain or dye, but rather a chemical reaction that produces a color change on all treated skin. The reaction is similar to the browning effect seen when a cut apple slice is exposed to oxygen.


In tanning products, DHA may be used alone or in combination with erythrulose. Our tanning formulations use both DHA and erythrulose. Erythrulose is another naturally based keto-sugar that, like DHA, reacts with the amino acids on the outer layer of the skin. 


Erythrulose's development process is slower and requires less moisture from the skin. The Erythrulose and DHA combination will work together to produce a tan that lasts longer and fades more evenly, and the resulting color is a natural-looking color for all skin types and tones.

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